Complaints and Recommendations

Complaints and Recommendations from External Sources
(this document is an extract from approved PR000-Rev26-Azecolab Quality Manual)

Azecolab evaluates and makes decision on each complaint, recommendation, feedback received by any
third parties.
1.1.1 Complaints and recommendations related to Azecolab activities can be received mainly from the following external sources:

  • Customers
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers
  • Physical person
  • Governmental organizations
  • Accreditation and certification bodies
  • Visitors
  • Other third parties

1.1.2 Complaints and recommendations received by Azecolab can be mainly related to the following activities:

  • Analysis and calibration services provided to customers
  • Azecolab HSSE System
  • Damage or assistance to an individual about any activity of Azecolab
  • Activities related to the implementation of the requirements of the legislation
  • etc.

1.1.3 In order to evaluate complaints and suggestions related to Azecolab’s activities, it is important
for Azecolab management system to receive them in written form using the following tools:

Complaints and recommendations shall be sent to by typing “Complaints and
Complaints” in the email header, either by filling out the PR007F10-Complaints and Recommendations
form posted on the website, or by typing the text directly into the email body section.
– Using below described “Send a Message to US” section on “Contacts” section of Azecolab

1.1.4 In some cases, Azecolab customers may report complaints and suggestions to the email address of a Azecolab staff with whom they are already in direct
contact, either in the process of work during face-to-face talks or by phone. In such cases, this information must be immediately forwarded to the Management
(Azecolab CEO, COO and QHSSE Manager) via e-mail.
1.1.5 All received complaints and recommendations are registered and evaluated using the form PR007F16-Rev01-Complaint and Recommendation Registration.
1.1.6 For any recommendation received, a gratitude email is sent to back as soon as possible, after evaluation, if Management representatives consider this
recommendation important for development it is added to the PR005F10-Rev01-Action database, and PR005-Management of Changes and Management Review
procedure is followed.
1.1.7 In connection with all received complaints, the person who sent the complaint shall be contacted by Azecolab representative as soon as possible and the
reason for the complaint shall be clarified again. The complaint is evaluated by management after registration in the form PR007F16. If received complaint is
considered NC, it is registered in the NC system by QHSSE manager and investigated and closed in accordance with the NC and CAPA Management Procedure (PR003).
Following actions are described in more detail in the procedure. All the records are retained.
1.1.8 The process for handling complaints described in the NC and CAPA Management Procedure

  • takes into account the following elements and methods:
    description of the process for receiving, validating, investigating the complaint,
    and deciding what actions are to be taken in response to it;
  • tracking and recording complaints, including actions undertaken to resolve them;
  • ensuring that any appropriate action is taken.

1.1.9 AZECOLAB’s Quality Manager is responsible person for gathering and verifying all necessary information to validate the complaint.
1.1.10 AZECOLAB acknowledges receipt of the complaint by email (if it is customer or any third party complaint) and it is the responsibility of the related contact person.
Internal complaint are registered and the person is acknowledged in person or written via email by the Quality Manager.
1.1.11 Conflict of interests is always taken into account while investigating, reviewing, verifying and closing the complaint. The outcomes of the complaint are
communicated to the complainant by the person not involved in the original laboratory activities in question
1.1.12 Complainer is informed about the results and actions done to solve the complaint by sending formal notice, and after customer’s formal feedback on the
satisfaction with the actions is received the NC is closed and its status is changed to close. Internal complainant is informed about the actions and closure of the complaint in a dialogue, or internal email as well.

Approved by: Bahruz Suleymanov
Revision date: 08.06.2021