Why Azecolab?

Azecolab is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and ISO 9001 certified company (download: ISO 17025 Certificate) founded in 2000 that provides laboratory services to national and international companies.

There are several reasons why our results are reliable and accepted in an international level:

  • accreditation by globally trusted accreditation body (TURKAK is a full member of EA, IAF and ILAC);
  • the richest international accreditation scope in Azerbaijan and the region;
  • experienced laboratory personnel;
  • performing services according to the international accepted methods;
  • excellent proficiency testing results;
  • sustainability of laboratory services as we have long-term agreements with international laboratory suppliers.

In addition to ISO 17025 compliance Azecolab’s Management System meets all the requirements of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 International Standards:

Azecolab is accredited both as testing and calibration laboratory by State Accreditation Agency under the Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

Lab tests are important…
Environmental and occupational health and safety problems have been a big issue in the last decades, and some people are unaware of that. This issue significantly impacts our and our customer’s well-being. But how can we know whether the food that we’re eating, the water that we’re drinking or the air that we’re breathing with is safe or harmful?

If you’re a business owner and if you care about your employee’s and/or your customer’s health, then you should test your environment regularly, making sure that it does not negatively affect anyone. And this is where comes the part of the environmental laboratories.

We offer series of services including, but not limited to laboratory tests, on-site measurement and sampling services. Most of the services are pretty straightforward. Either we come over and get samples for the analyses or you send them to us, we analyze them and we send a detailed report to you, including the information whether the sample is clean or an extra measure has to be taken.

Azecolab history

Scientific-research projects

Azecolab was founded in 2000. During the first years of its foundation Azecolab participated mostly in scientific-research projects and performed different laboratory tasks (sampling and laboratory tests) based on the specific projects requirements. One of the major projects in which Azecolab participated was monitoring of water quality of Kura and Araks rivers in the South Caucasus. Azecolab was the laboratory represented Azerbaijan in this international project and all laboratory services were provided by Azecolab. During these years Azecolab had partnership relations with the following universities and research centers:

  • Azerbaijan National Academy of Science;
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (in Trondheim);
  • Belgium University of Antwerp;
  • University of Florida (USA);
  • USGS St. Petersburg and Denver Research Centers (USA).

First commercial projects as a laboratory services provider

During 2000-2008 Azecolab signed its first service agreements with different companies as a laboratory services provider. During these years Azecolab major clients were:

BP (Azerbaijan), ACEP LLC, Garadagh Cement OJSC (Holcim), AZLAB CJSC, Baku Steel Company, WaterMan Services U.K. Limited, AZFEN J.V., Inspectorate Azerbaijan LTD, DNV GL as (Norway), Washington International Inc (US), LUKOIL-VolqoqradNİPİmorneft (Russia), CTI Petroleum Canada Inc (Canada), TideWater Inc (US), United Nations Office for Project Services, International Atomic Energy Agency, etc.

The following major projects can be mentioned as one of the significant ones:

Year 2000: Baseline Study of Clearing Pilot Oily Area on Absheron peninsula (World Bank);

Year 2000: Lab analyses of samples from Nakhchivan-Oguz perspective structures (ExxonMobil);

Year 2001-2008: Specific laboratory tasks (BP, Azerbaijan);

Year 2003: Lab services in frame of Baseline study of EUPEC area (EUPEC);

Year 2007-2008: Field works and Lab analyses for D220 Lukoil contract area (Lukoil).

For the current active projects, visit Azecolab Clients page.