Everything you need to know

Laboratory development services are including but not limited to the below listed ones:

Laboratory facility design

Azecolab has a great experience in laboratory facility design services. In 2015 Azecolab moved to a new laboratory facility which was designed by Azecolab qualified specialists. Taking into account Azecolab real experience in laboratory activities the facility design offered by our specialists will be very comfortable for implementation. Working with Azecolab you will save your time, money and other organizational resources.

Laboratory management system development

Azecolab has 17 years of experience in laboratory services. Our management system meets all the requirements of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025. We cover all aspects needed to develop a laboratory to perform laboratory tests according to international standards. The activities can include all steps from a first visit to a final handover and follow-up support.

Usually laboratory development services includes:

  • Initial visit and GAP analysis – this can include not only assessment of management processes but laboratory technical processes, too;
  • Training needs assessment and provision of trainings;
  • Development of documents and processes;
  • Development of laboratory methods;
  • Final assessment before certification/accreditation process;
  • Follow-up support services for continual improvement.

Procurement services

Azecolab has highly experienced laboratory staff which can help you in selecting laboratory goods. Having long-term agreements with the most globally trusted laboratory goods manufacturers and suppliers and being VWR, ESSLAB and other companies’ distributor in Azerbaijan we can provide you with any product you need. We have special license to import/export chemicals and performing customs clearance service together with our partner company all your orders will be delivered in your warehouse very quick.


Azecolab is ready to share its experience with its customers. We can provide you both with both theoretical and practical trainings. Provided trainings can be both related to the management system and technical processes.

Laboratory management services

Azecolab has a great experience in operating laboratories owned by our clients. Usually this service includes provision of qualified laboratory staff and laboratory goods procurement services. At present Azecolab operates BP field laboratory in Yevlakh, BP real time monitoring and weather stations in Baku. Operating the field laboratory in BP includes both sampling and testing services.