Everything you need to know

Azecolab has more than 10 years of experience in marine surveys implementation in the Caspian sea. BP and Total are Azecolab major clients for this service.

More than five years BP annual offshore surveys are implemented by Azecolab sampling team. We have 11 certified, trained specialists who are ready for offshore projects.

Offshore surveys implementation requires special competency and defined safety procedures to be followed during all the process. All offshore survey procedures are documented and agreed with the clients beforehand.

Offshore surveys usually include both sampling and on-site testing services:

  1. Sediment sampling both for chemical and for taxonomy tests;
  2. Water sampling both for chemical and for taxonomy tests;
  3. On-site measurements of seawater parameters: e.g. pH, Conductivity, etc.

All collected samples have to be handled appropriately to guarantee their representativeness. Collected samples are delivered to Azecolab, stored in the freezers (for chemical tests) and tested according to the agreed schedule with the client. Azecolab has required storage facility to store the marine sediment samples during 5 years in archives (freezers) .

In addition to the sediment and seawater sampling during offshore surveys, Azecolab has experience in fish monitoring projects, too.