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Since its foundation, Azecolab always participates in different national and international development programs. These programs are not commercial ones and the purpose of Azecolab participation in such programs is to support young specialists in their development.

ITACA – Innovative Training Center to support the 3rd cycle Advanced Education Course to face Environmental Emergency in Azerbaijan (609758-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE project

Project duration: 3 years (2019-2022)

Project website:

ITACA project partners are:

  • Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • University of Aalborg, Denmark
  • University of Granada, Spain
  • University of Patras, Greece
  • ARGUS Umweltbiotechnologie GmbH
  • AzUAC- University of Architecture and Construction, Azerbaijan
  • BEU- Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan
  • BSU- Baku State University, Azerbaijan
  • BHOS- Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), Azerbaijan
  • Azecolab Company LLC, Azerbaijan
  • “Sukanal” Scientific Research and Design Institute, Azerbaijan

Targets of ITACA project:

  • Installation of 4 environmental thematic labs in 4 Baku Universities, with the target to accumulate of best EU laboratory knowledge and skills there.
  • Provide lab facility and knowledge resources to support one-year postgraduate 3rd cycle course in collaboration between industry and universities.

Below 4 laboratories will be working in close communication with sharing of resources and knowledge databases to support perspective projects:

  • AzUAC- Laboratory on the treatment of the water produced by oil and gas extraction (LWT).
  • BEU- Laboratory of treatment of contaminated soil by hydrocarbons and heavy metals (LSR).
  • BSU- Laboratory of treatment of contaminated soil by hydrocarbons and heavy metals (LSR).
  • BHOS- Laboratory of Oil degradation in seawater and soil (LOD).

Azecolab will support all 4 laboratories in the development of their management system toward ISO17025 accreditation, including:

  • ISO17025 level baseline audit and design of lab quality manual
    Training for development of standard operating procedure and preparation of method for ISO17025 accreditation.
  • Training for maintenance of lab method and management with analytical quality control charts.

In case of successful development, Azecolab will be ready to support ITACA labs for recognition by commercial stakeholders.

Azecolab will be ready also for training of labs’ teams for general lab management procedures toward ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 accreditations.


One of the last projects was ECONANO, which was coordinated by Università Sapienza di Roma. In this project laboratory module lectures were conducted Azecolab. The main aim of project ECONANO was to modernize Ecology Engineering (EE) curricula in the Azerbaijan higher education system by promoting nanotechnology. For detailed information visit:

EU Partners of this project:

  • Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione (Italy)
  • Panepistimio Patron (Greece)
  • Université Paris 13 (France)

Non-EU Partners of this project:

  • Azecolab (Azerbaijan)
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (Azerbaijan)
  • Baku State University (Azerbaijan)
  • Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan
  • Qafqaz University (Azerbaijan)

Partnership with National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
Azecolab has a partnership agreement with the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. According to this agreement, Azecolab supports its Interdisciplinary Analytical Center to develop new methods and laboratory management system. In 2016 in the frame of this partnership young scientists participated in the special training organized in Azecolab laboratory.

Partnership with Moscow State University (Baku branch)
Azecolab has a partnership agreement with Moscow State University (Baku branch). Based on the requests from Chemical Department of the University the bachelor degree graduate students are sent to Azecolab laboratory to work with Azecolab specialists for their diploma research tasks. During research activities Azecolab can evaluate the students’ potential skills and offer them full-time job in Azecolab after graduation.

School students visit Azecolab
School students are very interested in the real laboratory processes. Observing real laboratory experiences helps them to understand the theory that they learn during lessons. Based on the official requests from schools Azecolab can organize general excursions and specific laboratory experiences for school students. E.g. TISA (The International School of Azerbaijan) and Baku European Lyceum students visited Azecolab in 2015 and 2016.