Azecolab Structure

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In Azecolab calibration laboratory our trained, experienced specialists perform equipment testing, calibration and maintenance services. All procedures are documented based on international standard methods and manufacturers’ guidelines. All calibrators, standards applied in the laboratory assure the traceable data achieved and Azecolab issued testing/calibration certificates.

Medical equipment testing

Azecolab performs medical equipment testing services according to ISO methods. We apply globally trusted manufacturers’ analyzers and simulators. Equipment testing services are performed at our customers’ sites by Azecolab trained specialists. All our specialists are trained by authorized equipment manufacturers’ training centers. Working with Azecolab medical companies will:

  1. Guarantee their patients with quality and safety medical services;
  2. Meet the national requirements as Azeolab has state accreditation;
  3. Have detailed certificate with traceable measurement data for each inspected medical device;
  4. Have general certificate for medical devices inspected by Azecolab;
  5. Get summary report with maintenance recommendation related to the failed tests.

Since 2017 Azecolab has enriched its international accreditation scope and at present our medical equipment testing service is also a part of its international accreditation.

In March 2017 Azecolab has successfully participated in the inter-laboratory comparison program with one experienced laboratory. We achieved 100% satisfactory results which demonstrate Azecolab competency in this service.

Calibration of noise, lux, pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity meters, etc.

Azecolab performs calibration of different types of portable equipment. Calibration is done according to ISO methods, manufacturers’ recommended instructions using certified standards. Calibration certificates issued by Azecolab includes traceable measurements results.

Calibration and maintenance of alcohol testers

Azecolab manufacturer certified specialists perform calibration and maintenance service of the USA alcohol tester manufacturer Intoximeters, Inc. We have agreement with Intoximeters, Inc, so we can purchase any part and repair our customers testers during a short period. Calibration certificates issued by Azecolab includes traceable measurements results. For calibration we use only certified calibration gases.